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What are your favorite foods? Any/all seafood, mushrooms, cheese (anything but swiss), my Grandmother's hash brown potato casserole and black pepper/sea salt potato chips What are your least favorite foods? Asparagus, mayonnaise, avocados, peas, liver, anything grape flavored that's not a grape (soda or lollipops, for example) How do you take your coffee? French vanilla, 2 splenda, skim milk How do you take your tea? Green tea with extra lemon What are your favorite local restaurants? Tapas - A Mediterranean restaurant Costa Del Sol - The best paella around The Franklin Cafe - Amazing food What is your favorite kind of cookie? Super-soft peanut butter chocolate chip What meal reminds you of your childhood? My Dad's homemade chicken fingers, drenched in ketchup You MUST eat fast food - where do you go? Wendy's for chicken nuggets and a Caesar salad Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke with Lime, please What do you like on your pizza? Sausage, green pepper, mushroom -- My Last Supper Caesar salad with blackened shrimp and TONS of croutons, pan seared salmon topped with lobster meat and hollandaise sauce, broccoli with garlic and Dr. Pepper.

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